Your Home is your Haven. Make it a healthier one.

Perhaps you are about to settle on a home purchase. It’s obligatory that the home be tested for termite infestation and remediated, but what about GERM INFESTATION! There is no disclosure of the health and medical history of the present residents. Germ Defense Delaware can eliminate infectious microorganisms and your concerns.

If you are expecting a new addition to your family, bring your newborn home from a sanitary hospital and into a medical grade disinfected home.

A loved one with a chronic illness, such as cancer, is likely to have a compromised immune system and thus more susceptible to infection. Create a disinfected and protected home.

You can clean your home every day and use the most popular and recognized disinfectants available at your favorite store. Your home will still be contaminated!

Germ Defense Delaware kills a broad spectrum of microorganisms and their associated odors. And Germ Defense provides a shield of deterrence against re-contamination. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.